The Federal Communications Commission has been trying to make the wireless industry more competitive.

A number of things have worked, but some things haven’t.

In the case of mobile phones, that includes getting the numbers right.

Here’s how.1.

Get the numbers Right Mobile phone numbers don’t have to be numbers at all.

If you have a cell phone number and you want to find out if it is a legitimate cell phone, you can use a simple phone book app.

That’s what Verizon did for its customer service numbers.

But you should also look for other kinds of phone numbers that look like cell phones.2.

Get in touch With your cell phone company or network to make sure they are on the correct side of the law.

It’s important that you tell them what you think the FCC should do about them.

And, if you do get in touch with your phone company, ask to speak to a member of the public.

You may want to get a letter from the FCC explaining the FCC’s position.3.

Get a lawyer When you’re getting the phone numbers, make sure you get a lawyer on board.

You should also contact the FCC if you have questions.

The FCC does not have an online database for contacting the FCC, but the agency can send out letters.4.

Keep in touch When you receive a letter, keep an eye out for any other phone numbers or numbers with a “GPS” (geolocation) feature.

These are not cell phone numbers.

They are usually numbers with GPS tracking devices that you might be able to use to locate your cell.

They also look like the numbers you’ve seen on your cell site location site, which is a website where people can check their location.

If a GPS tracking device is not showing, you should call the phone company and ask them to take down the tracking.

The company can then check if the number is legitimate and to verify the number.5.

Keep the phone number A cell phone is a contractually-required device that you have to pay for.

If your cell company is refusing to sell you one, the best thing you can do is contact the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), which represents the wireless phone industry.

They may have a form you can fill out that will help you get the right numbers.6.

Call the FCC If you want help with your cell number, contact the National Association of Cellular Telecommunications Operators (NACTO), a trade group that represents the cell phone industry, which includes many of the phone companies.

You can also contact your local wireless provider.

You will likely have to fill out a form that shows the number on your cellphone and the type of device it is.

Then you can ask the company to send you a letter.

It can take a few days to get the letter, and the NACTO will probably provide you with a list of other numbers on your behalf.

The letter will tell you if the phone is legitimate, if it’s on the FCC blacklist, and if the FCC has ruled in your favor.7.

Contact the FCC on your own If you don’t want to do this step, the FCC can help.

Call them at 202-418-3255, or write them at [email protected]

If the FCC isn’t responding to you, you’ll need to contact the FTC to get them to investigate your complaint.

The FTC has a page where you can report complaints about phone service, and you can also report problems with the FCC.

And the FTC has an online tool that you can call to ask for help with a problem you have with your wireless service.

You’ll need a letter to get that.

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