How to buy a Tesla?

Here’s how to get one on your ride home from work.


You’ll need to pay more for the car.

The cost of the Model 3 will be $69,400 when it launches, but the standard price is $85,000.

The company will charge $2,000 extra for the Autopilot feature and $5,000 for the Safety Mode.

You can still get a lower-priced Model S. 2.

You won’t have the option to get an extended warranty.

The warranty is limited to three years.


You need to get to your house first.

That’s the rule of thumb for Tesla, but if you drive to work on a Saturday or Sunday, the Model S will only work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., even if you arrive on time.


You don’t get to choose the size of your car.

You will need to buy the Model X or XS sedan and pay $89,900 for the base model.

If you have a small car, you can get the larger Model S sedan for $85-100,000 less.


You get the luxury of owning an all-electric car.

Tesla says you’ll get the performance of an electric car, but it won’t be the fun you’d expect.

The Model S can go 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, while the Model E has a top speed of 100 mph.


You save money.

Tesla doesn’t provide monthly or yearly maintenance costs.

There are no vehicle fees.

The automaker will offer two-year financing, which gives you a 20 percent down payment and a 30 percent down repayment.


You’re more likely to be impressed with Tesla’s pricing and performance.

The first Tesla, the 2015 Model S, started at $65,000 and was a great deal for the time.

Today, the Tesla Model S starts at $80,000, but you’ll pay $9,800 more for that car.

If that car were a luxury car, Tesla would be worth about $1.6 billion.

The cheapest car in the world is the Model SE, and you’ll save an average of $1,500 on that one.


You know what they say about buying bargains: they’re often worse than bargains.

If Tesla was offering a $1 million Model S that had an optional $1-million premium, that $1 would make it the fourth-most expensive car on the market.


You might be a Tesla fan, but a Model 3 is a bit of a bargain.

You’d have to pay about $2 million more than the Model A to get the same amount of performance.

It will be cheaper than a Tesla Model X, a luxury sedan, or a premium car like the BMW 5 Series.

But you’ll be paying more for a vehicle that doesn’t offer a lot of the luxury features that are typically offered in premium cars.

You could be looking at $4,500 to $5.5 million.

If I was a Tesla buyer, I would be more likely than not to go with a Model X over a Model S to save money and to save time.

But even if the Model C is cheaper, I’d still pick up a Model C because the price is lower and because it’s more likely that you’ll like the feel of the Tesla’s interior.


You have a few options to choose from.

You’ve got the Model R, which starts at around $75,000 (it will go up to $80-100 more if you go to the optional $5 million Model X) and is a very capable sedan with some performance.

You also have the Tesla Roadster, which can go from zero to 60 in 6.6 seconds and can go up from zero in just 2.9.

You may be able to get more performance in the Model F, which goes from 0 to 100 mph in 2.6.

And you could get a Model D, which is a supercar that starts at a $95,000 base price.

You still might not like the Model D because it lacks the performance and the luxury that the Model V brings.

But if you’re willing to wait for a Model E, you’ll have an option to buy one of the more luxurious sedans in the line-up.


You probably don’t have much of a choice.

Tesla will sell all of the vehicles it makes at a premium.

The price of the model will depend on which one you choose.

But it’s likely to cost more than $150,000 more than what you’re paying now.

You shouldn’t be surprised if the cheapest Model S you could buy starts at just $90,000 or $100,00.

Tesla’s Model S is an absolute bargain for a $60,000 sedan.

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