Apple, Verizon, Nokia and others have all seen their sales increase since the end of the Great Recession.

But that doesn’t mean they are the only ones seeing growth.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are among the latest phones to see sales surge as the US consumer base has grown more affluent.

But how much do consumers actually pay for phones?

Fox Business asked a panel of consumers and technology experts to help us figure out.

Here’s what you need to know about the average cost of a smartphone:Read more about the cost of smartphones:iPhone 5s: The iPhone has been a smash hit in the US, selling more than 8 million in its first six months of availability.

Its popularity has sparked some interesting debates, though, as some users have claimed that the phone is a $600 smartphone.

The answer to that question depends on where you live.

The average price for a smartphone in the U.S. is around $650, but a few other countries have prices that are higher.

The UK’s cheapest phone is £649, while in Germany, the cheapest phone costs €1,076 ($1,250).

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, smartphone buyers in China spend about $4,000 more per month on their phones than their counterparts in the United States.

And the average price of a iPhone in China is roughly $7,000, compared to $5,200 in the rest of the world.

The iPhone 5 and 5c have the same specifications as Apple’s iPhone 4s, which launched in 2011.

The price difference is that the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and has an integrated camera.iPhone 5c: The 5c is the last iPhone in the lineup, and its price tag is much lower.

It has a smaller screen, smaller bezels, and a cheaper price.

However, a lot of iPhone buyers prefer to upgrade to a bigger iPhone because it includes more memory and features like Touch ID.

Apple says the 5c costs about $1,200 per month, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have similar prices, though they come with a more powerful processor.

iPhone 6: The 6 is the newest iPhone model and its cheaper, though the iPhone SE comes with a smaller 5.5-inch screen and a bigger battery.

iPhone SE: The cheapest iPhone on the market and comes with iOS 10.

The SE has a 5.8-inch display and comes in two colors: Gold and Silver.iPhone 6 Plus: The Plus model has a larger screen and comes only in two different colors: white and blue.

iPhone 8: The biggest iPhone yet, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best-looking and most expensive iPhone in terms of price.

The phone costs $699, but the cheapest iPhone in America is $799.iPhone 7 Plus: This is Apple’s cheapest iPhone yet and it’s still the most expensive smartphone in America.

The 8 Plus comes with the same processor as the iPhone 7 Plus and has a similar screen size and resolution.

iPhone 7: The next-lowest iPhone available for sale in the market right now, the 7 Plus comes in both silver and gold finishes.

iPhone X: This phone is available only in black and white finishes, though buyers are being urged to upgrade.iPhone XS: This model comes in three colors: Blue, Black and Silver, and costs $749.

iPhone 10: This new model comes with faster processors and a larger battery.iPhone 10 Plus: These models are the cheapest phones available for iPhone in all of the US.iPhone 11: This iPhone comes with an OLED display and is cheaper than its predecessors.iPhone 12: The newest iPhone, the 12 Plus comes as a 5-inch, 8-megapixel display with a new processor.iPhone 13: This comes with upgraded processors and bigger batteries, and is the most affordable iPhone ever.iPhone 14: The Apple iPhone 14s is a new model, but it’s the most powerful iPhone yet.

It comes in silver, gold and rose gold finishes, with a price tag of $1-2,999.iPhone 15: This next-generation iPhone features a bigger display and a better camera.

iPhone 16: This has a more advanced processor, and it is the only iPhone to have a glass back, though it has an OLED screen.iPhone 17: This 12.9-inch iPhone is cheaper, but has a higher price tag.iPhone 18: The new iPhone is the cheapest smartphone in all three colors, and also comes with iPhone Pay, Apple’s payment system.iPhone 19: This smartphone comes in five colors: Rose Gold, White, Pearl Black, Silver, Pink and Chrome.iPhone 20: The latest iPhone with more RAM, a larger display and faster processors.iPhone 21: This newer iPhone has better cameras and faster processor speed, though some iPhone users are complaining that the cameras are slow.iPhone 22: This 9.