The new smartphone craze is about to hit the US, as more people turn to online purchases to buy things like groceries and clothing.

The trend of buying online has surged in recent years, and is set to grow further, according to research firm eMarketer.

According to eMarketers, smartphones sold in the US increased by a whopping 11% in 2016, as consumers increasingly turn to purchases online.

But it’s not just the smartphone market that’s growing.

Mobile phone companies are also finding ways to get in on the action, with Apple launching a new service in January that allows consumers to buy and sell their smartphones, as well as other accessories and accessories like tablets.

The move comes after Samsung announced a similar deal with eMarkets last month.

However, some experts say the new strategy of buying smartphones online could come with a number of drawbacks.

Some consumers don’t want to carry around bulky, expensive smartphones, or they don’t like to deal with a lengthy registration process.

Others may not be keen on buying things like tablets or computers, as they are more likely to be sold on Ebay or other online sellers.

For some, online buying may just be a way to avoid paying a hefty fee for a phone they have no use for.

“Online shopping is just another way for people to bypass the government’s tollbooth system, and the fees that are charged to the government for the privilege of owning a smartphone,” said Josh Bader, a professor of marketing at the University of Michigan.

But there are many people who do need to carry a smartphone with them at all times, he added.

“It’s just an annoyance that can be mitigated with a phone that you don’t use all the time.”