The world’s most popular smartphone camera app, called Smiley, has a serious bug that can’t be fixed and can make photos look like they were taken with a cell phone.

The camera is located on the camera module in the phone, but it doesn’t actually take pictures.

It’s like an app that just doesn’t work, says Alireza Gavrielian, an associate professor of media studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Instead of taking a photo with your phone, it takes a picture of a different person, but the result looks like it’s taken with an old smartphone camera.

It can also be used to take a picture when the phone is connected to a WiFi network and it can make the pictures look like a picture taken on a different device, such as a tablet or laptop.

The bug, which can be easily fixed, affects all iPhones sold since 2015, according to a Google Play store listing.

Google confirmed to Al Jazeera that the bug is present and that users can try to fix it by turning off the camera, clearing the cache and rebooting their phones.

However, Gavridian says that users should not try to do so because it may result in problems, as the app will still work.

He said: “It will work for phones sold before 2015, but since then it’s gotten worse.

It seems like there are people who have been using this for years, so it’s not a big deal.”

A Google spokesperson told Al Jazeera: “We’ve been investigating this for some time, and have found that this issue can be resolved by either turning off camera functionality or clearing the camera cache.”

According to Google, Smiley does not allow for manual adjustments to camera settings.

“The camera module is a separate part of the phone and the settings are saved for each individual user.

If you enable camera settings, Smileys settings will be reset to default, and you will not be able to adjust any settings.”‘

Stupid bug’The company’s website says that the app has a fix for this problem, but that the fix is “not as easy as you might expect”.

“If you enable the camera camera, the settings will automatically reset to the default settings, and the app should be fine,” the website reads.

“However, if you disable camera settings (or clear the camera caches) and then re-enable them, the app won’t be able do anything.”

Google says it’s working on a fix and that it will be available soon.

The company told Aljazeera that it would not be releasing a fix “until we’ve verified this problem is resolved and we’ve fixed it”.

A Google spokeswoman said:”Google’s camera fix is still being actively worked on.

We expect to have a fix in place in the next few days.

This bug is not a Google bug.

It’s a bug in Smiley.”

The company said that it had also fixed the problem with iPhone users who use a separate camera module, but this has not been released yet.

A spokeswoman for Apple told Alja: “As we’ve previously stated, the Camera app has always been designed to work with our camera.

When users enable Camera on a separate module, the camera app can work with any iOS camera device.”

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