When Orange Is The Cool: The Orange Is for Real follows the lives of eight young people as they embark on an adventure through the world of cyberpunk.

The show follows them on a road trip to explore cyberpunk and to see how they fit into the world, and explores the implications of what they find.

The series follows four young people and a cyberpunk hacker named Alex (David Harewood) who find themselves living a cyberpunks lifestyle after losing their father to an attack.

The young women have to deal with the trauma of losing their parents and their new-found identity as cyberspace natives.

They’re tasked with infiltrating the cyberpunk underground to try and find the people behind the attack.

Orange Is The New Black: The New Cyberpunks of Orange is the New Cyberpunk series premieres on Hulu on March 12.

Check out some of the show’s most memorable scenes below.

The girls spend the majority of their time at the computer lab at the college where they attend.

They learn how to use computers and get the basics of programming.

They have a lot of fun at the lab.

It’s very fun to watch them go through their daily tasks.

The first episode is pretty hilarious, and the girls really enjoy that they’re being told what to do.

They enjoy that it’s a real-life thing.

It really gets the point across, especially when you watch them going through their first day at school.

Orange is the new cyberpunk series premiere on Hulu at 9:30 p.m.

ET on March 11.

Catch the premiere of Orange Is For Real on Hulu or on Netflix.

Orange and Orange are The New Blood: The new series stars Lena Dunham and Adam Driver as two college students who become cyberspunks.

The girls learn how it’s different when they are at school, but are also at the mercy of cyberpicks who want to take them for a ride.

Lena Dunham stars as a nerdy nerd who finds herself at the center of the cyberpunky community.

Adam Driver plays a cyber-punks hacker who wants to join the cyberculture and use his skills to bring down the cybercriminals.