The iPhone 5s is still a premium device, but Samsung’s flagship phone is still the winner when it comes it price.

The Galaxy S 5 is a big phone.

Samsung claims that it costs $100 more than the iPhone 5, but that’s not really the case.

The Samsung Galaxy phone is $50 more than Apple’s iPhone 5.

But it’s still a big, big phone, with a big screen, and a big battery.

The Galaxy S 4 is still more affordable.

The Galaxy Note 3 is the cheaper device.

This is because the Note 3 has a bigger screen.

While Samsung has the best camera and better camera software on the market, its phone is also the most expensive of the bunch.

It costs $500 more than any other phone in this list, including Apple’s iPhones.

Apple’s iPhones cost $650, compared to $450 for the Galaxy S phones.

That’s because the iPhone 4S is the most powerful iPhone ever made.

It is also cheaper than the Galaxy Note 4, which costs $450.

Samsung’s Note 4 is actually the most affordable smartphone ever made, because it is $100 cheaper than Apple.

It cost $350 more than a Galaxy S3, which is $450 cheaper than an iPhone 4.

It is also $200 cheaper than a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apple also has a more affordable smartphone, the Galaxy Tab 7, which starts at $199.

It’s cheaper than most phones in this roundup.

The iPhone 6s costs $250 more than an Apple iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S Plus costs $350.

The Note 4 costs $400 more than another Galaxy S phone, the Note 5.

It also costs $200 more than Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

But that’s still more than most people spend on a phone.

Samsung says that the iPhone 8 costs $650 more than it does, but it’s not true.

Apple said in a statement that the Galaxy A8 is $700 more expensive than the Note 4.

The iPhone 8 Plus costs only $400 less than the S5.

Apple doesn’t have a Galaxy A9 or A10 smartphone.

Samsung said in its statement that its iPhone 8 starts at only $350, but there’s no way to tell if that’s accurate.

Apple says it starts at a lower price.

The Samsung A9 starts at an affordable price, at $200.

The Note A10 starts at around $400.

Apple sells an iPhone 7, the first smartphone that was waterproof and water resistant.

Samsung says that it has a smartphone that can withstand up to 200 feet of water.

The S5 costs $700 less than a Note 4 but is still $250 cheaper than Samsung phones.

The iPad mini starts at just $150.

The A7 costs $150 more than all iPhones, but is only $150 cheaper than LG phones.

And if you don’t want to spend $350 on a smartphone, you can buy an iPhone 6 Plus for $500.

Apple says that you can expect a lower cost than a flagship phone when it is in a different size.

For example, the iPhone 7 Plus is $250 smaller than the A7 Plus, but $200 smaller than Samsung.

The cheapest iPhone 6 is the iPhone SE.

It costs $300 more than that iPhone.

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