Google is facing a new problem with its mobile search.

The company has been criticized for its mobile apps, which are often poorly designed and buggy.

Now, it’s coming under fire for its search engine, which is used by more than half the world’s internet users, including many in China, where it’s the most widely used search engine.

The report by Google’s Global Privacy & Security Group says Google’s search engine is prone to problems with its algorithms.

In its first test of its new mobile search, Google said its mobile app had been “a big success.”

But the new report by the company says its mobile platform is flawed and vulnerable to data breaches.

The report notes that many of the problems in Google’s data security system stem from its failure to properly validate users’ identity and location.

And that means it could allow for large data breaches, according to the report.

Google’s report also found that the mobile search app had failed to adequately protect the privacy and security of users.

The company says it will work with law enforcement to address those issues.

According to the Google report, mobile users’ data can be accessed without their knowledge and for as little as five minutes a day.

Google said its security measures include password management, two-factor authentication and “security for apps” that “include a two-step verification process for each user.”