, one of the world’s biggest online retailers, has unveiled a new mobile phone marketplace that it says will bring a wealth of new services to the mobile market.

The move is aimed at boosting the value of mobile phone services offered through its Prime membership service.

The service will allow customers to order, pay and return mobile phone calls, texts and data, Amazon said in a blog post on Thursday.

It is not yet clear whether the new marketplace will be available for other products, such as the Kindle e-reader.

It is available in the UK and Australia.

Amazon said its new service will offer the following features:Customers will be able to order phone calls from Amazon and pay for the calls using a credit card or PayPal account.

Customers can pay for mobile phone texts and other mobile data through Amazon’s new Prime service, which is available on select devices.

Customs will be notified when a customer’s mobile phone has been used on Amazon’s platform and will be entitled to receive a rebate of the amount paid.

Customists will be asked to register with Amazon to access a range of benefits, such, the ability to search for and add new products and the ability, through a special Amazon widget, to share products with their friends and family.

Customer reviews will be tracked and automatically published on Amazon.

Custom orders placed through the new mobile marketplace will not incur fees.

Amazon will continue to offer its Prime service in the US, but it will no longer allow customers in India, which has a population of more than one billion people, to access the service.

Prime memberships in the Indian market have a $99 monthly fee for a phone and $10 in annual fees.

The price is based on a five-year term.

Amazon’s Prime membership is a free membership that gives customers the ability do a variety of services.

Its main feature is the ability for users to buy and sell items using Amazon’s mobile marketplace.

Amazon Prime members also have access to the Prime Video streaming service, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and access to Kindle ebooks, as well as a range on Amazon products.

Amazon has struggled to capture a market share in the mobile industry.

Its Kindle ereader has been outsold by competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

The company also launched its own mobile phone service, Prime, in 2014.

Its Prime service includes a monthly subscription fee of $79.99 for the Kindle Paperwhite, the first tablet to come with a touchscreen display.

Amazon did not provide further details about how its new marketplace would work.

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