A business consultant predicts Apple will be the last smartphone company in the world by 2019. 

He said Apple’s market share would drop to 3%, but that it could still make money.

He predicts the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, which have been under production for more than a year, will be a hit.

“I see Apple as the last mobile phone company, and it’s going to be the death knell of it,” the consultant said.

Apple has been losing money since the iPhone 7 launched in 2015.

Its share price has declined more than 10% this year.

Its stock is down about 10% so far this year compared with a 10% drop for Google.

The analyst, Mark Greenberg, said Apple will likely fail to break into the mobile phone market for two reasons: its high prices and the limited number of available models.

Greenberg, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein, said the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which had a 5-inch display, had been released with poor user experience.

For most people, they didn’t care about the screen size or whether they had a curved or square edge.

Greenberg said the new iPhones are better than the old ones and should be more popular than the iPhone X. Even if the iPhone line gets good reviews, Greenberg said Apple would have to make some significant changes to its strategy in the next few years.

It could move to smaller screens for more compact devices like the iPad Mini or iPhone Xs, he said.

Apple is currently focused on selling its flagship iPhones and iPads to its biggest market: the U.S. The company is in a tight spot as it tries to make a profit by selling more iPhones and tablets.

While Apple’s profits are not likely to fall much from the iPhone, Greenberg predicts that sales of smaller smartphones and tablets will drop.

Some analysts predict Apple’s stock could crash even lower as it battles the rising cost of manufacturing components for iPhones and other Apple products.

Apple has struggled to make phones and tablets affordable and reliable for consumers, especially in emerging markets like India and China.

Greenberg, however, said it is not too late for Apple to change its strategy.

As Apple struggles, the industry’s most valuable companies will also be losing money, Greenberg predicted.

If Apple does not change its mobile phone strategy, he predicted the market will continue to decline.

Greenberg expects Apple will lose about 3% of its value over the next two years.

Apple will have about $1.5 trillion in assets by 2019, down from about $2 trillion in 2016.