President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter outburst has prompted criticism of his treatment of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his treatment as a candidate of his.

Here are five other moments he said could be called out: China, in particular, has been a source of great pain to the United States.

China is one of the world’s most repressive governments.

It has tried to isolate the United State and is pursuing an aggressive foreign policy in the South China Sea.

Trump has said the United Kingdom will leave the European Union if it doesn’t sign a free trade deal with China.

China, along with North Korea, is the world leader in counterfeit goods and pirated goods, and the United Nations has called it a menace to global peace.

In September, Trump said China has been buying up the U.S. military equipment.

He later apologized, but not before he called it “disgraceful.”

China has threatened the United states with a “massive military response” should it attack Taiwan.

Trump said on Sunday that China was “locked and loaded” in response to the threat of a military strike from Taiwan.

And he suggested China was ready to “take out” a large number of U.N. inspectors, something Beijing has denied.

Trump’s treatment of the Chinese leader is not new.

In 2015, he referred to Xi as “the puppet master” of his administration.

Trump also threatened to pull the U