A new study by University of Queensland researchers has found that the average life of a smartphone is shorter than previously thought, as the battery dies faster than previously expected.

Key points:A new study has found the average lifespan of a phone is longer than previously believed, says the average smartphone will last about 20 years before needing to be replacedMore than 60 per cent of phones have died in Australia over the past decadeThe research by the Queensland University of Technology, led by Dr Rohan Vaidyanathan, found that people’s smartphone usage increased by a third between 2007 and 2020, and they were more likely to have a phone that had a battery that had already been replaced than a phone with a new battery.

Dr Vaidhanathan said the study was not intended to suggest that phone owners should change phones when their battery was about to expire.

“What we have done is look at a lot of the data that we have about the health of phones and the longevity of phones, and we found that they are all remarkably similar in terms of the lifespan of their batteries,” he said.

“If you look at the average battery life of smartphones, that is very similar to the average time that you would expect to live out the lifespan, and if you look across the life expectancy of the population, it is comparable to the life that people have lived out their entire life expectancy.”

There is an assumption that the battery life is the only way to keep the phone going, and the reality is that there are a lot more things that are running in your phone’s life that can cause problems.

“Dr Vahyanathan said there was a big disconnect between the amount of information that people were being given about smartphone health and the health information that they were getting.”

When we look at our mobile phone users, we have a very limited understanding of what is going on with their phones,” he explained.”

We are being told that their phones are very efficient, very efficient in terms a battery, but we are not being given information on what is causing the phone to not perform as well as it should, what is preventing it from being efficient, what are the things that it is not doing as well?

“The researchers said they hoped that the results would help improve the way people were communicating with one another and helping them make informed decisions about their health.”

The information that we are getting is that the health status of the phones is very good, but the information that is being shared with us, is that we should be concerned about the battery, and that we need to be looking at our phones more closely and taking care of our phones,” Dr Vaidianathan said.

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