AUSTRALIA may have a few years to prepare for an iPhone hack, but it may not have a long time before the country begins taking on a mobile phone outage.

In a recent article on the website Wired, security researcher Matthew Green, who goes by the handle of MatthewT, said that while Australia is not ready to fight a mobile-phone hack yet, the country’s technology and infrastructure are still “well equipped” to handle it.

He said that, if the US can’t find a way to take down a phone in the next two to three weeks, then it would be time for Australia to prepare.

“It’s a matter of months before we start seeing the full extent of the damage and the extent of damage to infrastructure that we’re going to have to do to defend against this,” Mr Green told The Daily Telegraph.

“But I think we’ve got a lot of equipment that can withstand that kind of impact.”

If we’re lucky enough to get that phone off the ground, then the US is going to be forced to look for a way around that.

“Mr Green said that the Australian Federal Police and Federal Communications Commission had already been in contact with the Federal Government about a potential solution.”

We’re trying to find out what we can do in order to get the phone back to the point where the government has to be the first to take action,” he said.”

What the government would have to be prepared to do is provide for a court order to prevent the phone from being seized or used in any other way, so the phone can be recovered.

“He said the Australian Government would need to be “very, very cautious” about using any of its technology for a possible attack, but would be open to looking at how it could help if a problem arose.”

The Australian Government is obviously very, very aware of the threat that we face from hackers and the threat of hackers in the future,” he added.”

So we have to understand how we are going to deal with this threat and how we can protect our infrastructure.

“One thing we’re very clear about is that our infrastructure is very well equipped to deal and it is very, not just well equipped, but extremely well-equipped.”

There are a lot more layers that go into our infrastructure than we’re used to.

“And that’s one of the things that we need to take into consideration.”

While the Australian government has been reluctant to discuss any potential solutions for mobile phone hacks, its own security and intelligence agencies have previously acknowledged that Australia is vulnerable to hackers.

In January, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that the country was in the middle of a cyber-attack, with cybercriminals gaining access to a “limited number” of computers.

While the US has previously been forced to pay billions in damages to hackers over their attempts to steal sensitive information from ATMs and credit card machines, the damage caused by the iPhone hack has caused the government to take a more aggressive stance on cybersecurity.

In September, President Trump announced the US would be imposing a $100 billion cybersecurity plan for the United States, with the aim of making the country more secure.

Mr Green told the publication that the US needs to be ready for a hack before it takes action.

“I think the American government needs to start thinking about this and thinking about what it will take to be able to defend itself against a cyber attack, which is something that we’ve seen over the last year or so,” he told The Telegraph.

“So it’s really important for the American people to start seeing this.”

People are really going to need to have a clear sense of what they’re going through, but I think they’re actually really well equipped for it.