If your network’s down, there are a few ways to make sure you’re OK.

The easiest option is to just take a call and wait for help.

The second is to text the number.

But there are some other, more serious ways to get a call through.

Here are five tips that can help.


Call the number: If your phone is down, call 911.

A call from 911 is usually free and will allow emergency responders to help you.

The first 911 call is usually to check on someone.

If you’re in an emergency situation, call for help and ask for help immediately.

But 911 can only respond to a specific call.

If the emergency is a property fire or medical emergency, you’ll need to wait until a dispatcher has arrived before calling 911.


Text the number to 911: Texting the number can help you get through to emergency personnel quickly.

Callers may want to see the number in case you need assistance.

Make sure you put the number on a secure phone.

It’s important that your number is encrypted to help protect your identity.


Call a cell phone: When the emergency starts, text a cell number that you have on you.

You can text the numbers of your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Cell phone calls are not always available during emergencies, but if you’re out of the house and the emergency’s still ongoing, you can text 911 or text 877-911 to be connected.


Get a car to the scene: The most important thing to do is get your car and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Call 911 or the police if you can’t get your vehicle.

Your emergency is serious and you’ll probably need a tow truck or a car service.


Get your own phone: If you need help with a cell or mobile phone call, you should dial 911 or go to your own cell or cellphone tower and dial the number for your nearest police station.

Some 911 services will not be able to call your tower number.

However, some cell phone providers may have free numbers that they can dial for you.

If a police station can’t reach your tower, you may want a cellphone that you can dial.

A phone number from the police is the number you should use to call 911 or for your cell phone provider.

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