A new documentary has emerged which claims that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “not Indian” and that he has a different identity than the one that the country has traditionally identified with him.

The film, titled India: A Real Indian, focuses on the Prime Minister’s interactions with the Indian public and reveals how he is actually quite different from what he appears to be.

“He is not Indian.

He is a different person.

He doesn’t want to be called Indian,” a character in the documentary says.

“You don’t have a Hindu identity in India.

He wants to be Indian.”

The documentary’s director, Arundhati Bhattacharya, has been working on her documentary for more than a year, and is not happy with the reaction of the public.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can say,” she told The Indian Express.

“The whole concept of the film is to say that the Prime Minster is not like the Prime Ministers we have seen in the past.

The idea was to ask what it is that he really wants to achieve.”

The film also criticises Mr Modi for his recent decision to ban the use of Facebook and Instagram by the country’s 1.2 billion citizens.

The move, which has sparked widespread criticism and has caused a backlash from the public, has forced Mr Modi to take to Twitter to address the public and explain the decision.

“Why did we do it?

Why did we not use Instagram?

Why are we doing Instagram?

Instagram is the best social network in the world.

We don’t need it,” he tweeted.

“This is not about politics.

This is not the way to grow the economy.

It is not to be seen as an authoritarian leader.”

The prime minister has defended his decision to block social media sites and has also criticised the US and China for blocking the sites.

“People don’t like it, they are trying to get rid of social media because of political reasons.

And there are people who want to see the people get used to being on Twitter, too,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

“If we look at the people’s attitude, they don’t care about what the government is doing.”

Mr Modi has also claimed that the move is about a growing anti-corruption movement.

“We will get rid, by the way, of corruption.

If people are going to be able to use social media to express their views, that’s what we will do.

We will see if it works,” he said.

The Prime Minister has also said that his decision is about tackling the “global menace” of corruption, saying that India will not be “part of the elite club”.

“We want to become a country that’s transparent.

And we will bring in measures to curb corruption,” he has said.

“And if we are corrupt, if we do not have clean government, we will become a place where people are trying their best to achieve their dream of becoming a part of the world elite.”

The country’s media has also been scathing about the Prime Chief Minister, with many media organisations describing him as a “puppet” of powerful vested interests and accusing him of being a “vacillator” of the country.

“Mr Modi is not only the prime minister, but he is also a puppet of big business, a lackey of vested interests, and a lackee of powerful interests,” a Hindustan Times editorial said.

India: The Truth is now available on Netflix in India, and it is expected to be available on Amazon Prime soon.

In its trailer, the film says that the prime ministers decision to “ban social media” is about “protecting the economy from the global menace” and “not about politics”.

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