Facebook is experimenting with ways to make its new fidget spinners more fun, with a new spinners app launching today.

Users of the Facebook spinners are now able to create their own spinners, which is the first step towards the company introducing more spinners to users.

The new app will allow users to “spin” an object by spinning the handle of the spinner, and the app will show how fast the object is spinning.

Users can also tap on a spinner to take it to the next spin, which means they will be able to do it more quickly than ever before.

Facebook is also making it easier to set up and manage spinners on the site.

The app will let users set up a “spin” for themselves, and then simply tap on the spin to get a timer that shows the current time in seconds.

Facebook has previously said it will add more spiners to the app over time, with some being more popular than others.

For instance, the Spinners app currently shows a spinning toy that has a handle of about 40mm in diameter.

However, Facebook said the new app allows users to create spinners up to 100mm long.

The company said the spinners could be useful for people who want to use a toy that they don’t normally spin, but want a new toy for themselves.

For those who have used Facebook’s other spinners such as the Spinbots or Spinfizz, the new spiners app lets them spin the toy as well.

“If you’ve never spun a toy before, you can now easily spin your own spin toys to make a fun new toy to play with,” Facebook said.

“And we hope to expand the number of spinners that we add to the SpinSpin app over the coming months.

We want to help make the experience for people like you more fun.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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