Android 6 is the latest update to Android, and it brings some really cool new features to the table.

In fact, Google has put out an extensive changelog for Android 6, and while most of the changes are relatively minor, there are a few changes that have to do with Google Assistant.

The first and most important change is that the Google Assistant has a more powerful voice recognition engine that allows it to understand what you are saying and interpret it.

For example, Google Assistant can read what you say and interpret the meaning of it.

Google Assistant also learns what you type, and this means it can learn from your voice and adapt to your needs.

Google also released a new feature called Speech Recorder, which allows you to record a conversation without opening it.

Speech Recorders are great for capturing your voice in a way that makes it sound like you are speaking, but the voice recognition feature is a big step up in power and accuracy.

Google has also made it easier to turn on the feature by adding a shortcut to Settings, which you can access from the top menu.

Now you can also access Google Assistant’s voice recognition in the notification shade, and the feature will only work in apps that support the new features.

If you are not sure how to turn Google Assistant on, you can read our full Google Assistant review for more information.

The next big change is Google Assistant will be able to speak in more languages.

Google is also introducing an in-app language converter, which means you can now translate Google Assistant commands into your own language.

Google’s translation feature will be a little bit more complex than what we’ve seen in the past, but it will allow you to translate words into your native language.

You can also now translate a single word into a phrase, which will translate it into a string of characters.

The Google Assistant voice translation feature has a big impact on speech recognition.

Google will now have a way to translate speech to words and phrases that are already spoken in your language.

We’re not sure what kind of language support will come in future versions of Google Assistant, but this feature is definitely a big improvement over the previous version.

For a more detailed breakdown of these changes, you should head to Google’s changelogs.

In addition, Google is adding new language features to Assistant as well.

Now Google can tell you the words you are looking for in a dictionary.

This is a feature that we’ve been waiting for, and we’ve also been using Google Assistant for a while now.

Google Now is another new feature in Google Assistant that will help you find information in the background that you may not have noticed.

For instance, Google Now will help give you information about your current location by showing you your address, street name, and estimated time of arrival, all of which are based on the location you give Google Now.

Google Home is another important feature in the Google Voice interface.

Google now offers two new Google Assistant features: Google Now Quick Actions and Google Now Home.

Google Quick Actions will let you reply to your voice commands by asking for your input, and Google Home will show you a notification when you type a word or phrase into your Google Voice input.

Google Play Music will also be updated with new features in this version of Google Voice, including Google Assistant-enabled content and Google Play music.

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