A Korean company has launched a new line of mobile phone earbuds and headphones that claim to work on Android, Apple, and Windows phones, according to reports.

The company’s site says that its devices are designed to help people with mobility problems and to help them focus more efficiently.

The headphones and earbud will be sold in a variety of price ranges, including the cheaper $35 earbuzzer that has been popular in Asia.

The devices are priced at $29 and $49 for earbusters and $69 for the full-sized $120 earbattery.

The headphones are powered by a high-performance Bluetooth 4.1 wireless chip, which the site says can stream audio from phones with up to eight Bluetooth 4, which is capable of up to four times the audio quality of the current standard, Bluetooth 4+.

The battery is said to last up to 12 hours.

The site said that the headphones come in three different designs, one that is a normal headphone with a white plastic cover, another with a black plastic cover and a third that is black with a yellow plastic cover.

The Bluetooth chips are sold separately.

The earbuddies come with a 3.5mm headset jack and a USB-C cable.

The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds were first introduced last year, and the company said at the time that it was looking for partners to help develop the technology.

A few months later, the company unveiled the new earboots.