On July 24, 2017, security experts from the company iSight Security discovered that a popular Android smartphone had been infected with spyware called SpyMobile.

The iSights team immediately alerted the Android manufacturer, and it immediately started the process of updating all devices.

When they tried to delete the malicious app, they discovered that it was still there.

It was even running on the device’s cache file, meaning the malware was still running on devices running on that file.

After this, iSighters team took steps to isolate the malware from its network and stopped any other attempts to access or install it.

After an update, the Android device was updated to a new version of Android that included the spyware removal instructions.

This also removed any traces of the malware.

The company did not have any further information on the cause of the problem.

However, the iSIGHTS team still had no way of identifying the device was infected with SpyMobile or any other spyware.

SpyMobile is still present in the Android Market, but no one is currently aware of any other Android malware threat that’s been found to be on this device.

This is the first known Android device to be compromised with spy software.

The problem was discovered after an analysis by iSIGHT team members, and they contacted Android device manufacturer Huawei to alert them.

Huawei has confirmed that the device is currently being repaired and will be fixed.

iSomers team was able to verify the device, but the team did not find any evidence of any further attempts to infect it.