A small mobile phone maker has announced a $10-million funding round in India to build a manufacturing plant for its flagship models, which it hopes will be able to reach consumers in the next two years.

The company, which has not been named, said the funding comes as it aims to build factories in the country.

The move comes just weeks after the government in India announced plans to invest $4.5-billion (Rs 2,000-3,200 crore) in mobile phone production in 2017-18.

The project will involve creating three manufacturing plants in the state of Tamil Nadu and three in other states.

It will also bring together local manufacturing experts, including the CEO of a small manufacturing company, to help it design and develop products for consumers, said Sankar Kulkarni, president of the company, based in Bangalore.

The new manufacturing plant, which will employ between 30 and 35 people, will help the company create its most popular products.

“The first plant will be the factory that will make the [small] mobile phones, with which we have a lot of customers in the market,” said Mr Kulkanni.

The government said the new plant would produce the most popular models for the Indian market.

The funding is part of a larger Rs 4,000 crore investment to build India’s first mobile phone manufacturing plant.

The government has also pledged to invest about Rs 1,000 per smartphone to make it easier for the country to produce mobile phones.

Mr Kulkan said the company had also invested in a manufacturing facility in Mumbai to manufacture its smartphones, but he could not confirm the details.

The manufacturing facility, which is currently under construction, is being built on a 50-acre site, which Mr Kuncharni said the team had already completed.

It is expected to be ready for shipment in 2018.

“We have a plan to make this factory here,” he said.

“I don’t know when it will be ready, but I hope it will not be a while.

It’s an exciting project.”