“I remember when you couldn’t get a flat screen on eBay,” said David F. Kennedy, a former Apple executive who was in charge of marketing Apple’s iTunes Music store.

“I had to find another way to buy music.”

The problem with the floppy disk is that it’s an antiquated, bulky and expensive way to transfer files and data, said Kennedy, now chief executive of a marketing company that advises tech companies.

But as we move into a digital age, where the vast majority of our digital media consumption takes place on smartphones and tablets, a growing number of people are switching to streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music.

And while many of the services have been criticized for their low prices, they have also attracted some of the most passionate fans on the planet.

One popular streaming service is called Flip, and it has been available in New York since March.

Apple is now rolling out Flip to all iPhone and iPad owners, according to a tweet from Apple’s global media relations chief.

“Flip now available for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and iPod Touch 5th generation,” it said.

“Enjoy your music with the flick of a switch.”

Apple also announced a new mobile phone app called Flipbook, which lets people stream their music and other media to their flip phones or tablets.

According to the app, users can “view and listen to music from their personal and connected Flip device.”

Flipping to a new device can take just a few taps.

The app is available in 10 languages.

The software has also attracted a growing following of people who are not accustomed to buying music from the store.

One person on Twitter called Flipping an “easy way to discover new music,” and a fan said she found the app “just as easy to use as my iTunes.”

Apple’s new music service is now available to anyone who has an iPhone and a compatible flip phone.

(Photo: Apple) In a follow-up post, the company said that Flipbook has been downloaded more than 3.7 million times.

Apple also launched its own mobile app earlier this month, which offers access to Flipping for iPhone and iPads.

The company said in its post that Flipping has “become a top-selling and most-requested product on Apple.com, where more than a million people have used it to listen to their favorite music.”

“The Flipbook app makes it easy to access your favorite artists, songs and more with just one tap on the screen,” the app said.

Flipbook is available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone SE, and for Apple TV devices and Macs.

“This is a huge success,” said Kennedy.

“People are excited to be able to take their music with them wherever they go.”

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