Mobile phone betting companies have made headlines recently, with some offering big rewards and others offering low-stakes options.

But what do they offer?

Here’s what to watch for in 2018.


ApplejackMobile offers a range of mobile phone services and rewards, including a loyalty bonus for iPhone users who make a $10,000 deposit, a $50 deposit and the ability to play $100 handsets in one game.2.

ApplePay offers mobile payment options, including Apple Pay, and a rewards program that offers cash back on purchases up to $50.

It also offers credit cards and debit cards.3.

Bet365 offers mobile phone and money-management products.

The company also offers a loyalty program for iPhone owners that allows them to make up to a $100 deposit in one day.4.

TheBest Mobile offers a mobile phone bonus of up to 100,000 points, and it also offers low-risk mobile phone banking.5.

Bittrex offers a special mobile phone deal and rewards program for customers who make $1,000 or more in one calendar year.6.

Pinnacle Mobile offers low risk mobile phone payment options including a $500 mobile phone gift card and a $5,000 mobile phone loan.7.

TMobile offers rewards programs including rewards for paying with a credit card, making a $1 deposit or $1 million in one month and making a deposit of up, $1.00, or $10 in one transaction.8.

Vodafone Mobile offers rewards for a deposit or a $25 debit card.9.

Best Mobile offers mobile card-based rewards programs, including one for $25 credit or debit cards and a special $10 mobile phone offer for customers making a minimum of $100 deposits.10.

P2P Mobile offers an easy-to-use mobile card reader that allows customers to make mobile payments with just a phone number and a QR code.

It offers a rewards credit card program.11.

Betfair offers mobile cards and mobile card programs, and mobile wallet and mobile payments apps.12.

Pending offers offers a prepaid card and mobile payment program.13.

BetCoin offers a $75 prepaid mobile card and rewards card.14.

CashBack Mobile offers credit and debit card rewards and a mobile card bonus program.15.

The MobileMobile offers mobile payments and mobile mobile phone deals.16.

CashBucks Mobile offers two mobile phone rewards programs and a loyalty card program, and rewards for making a payment of $1 in one payment, up to the maximum $1 reward of $10.17.

Mobile Money offers rewards to make a mobile payment of up $10 or $20 or a bonus of $25, up for a $2 or $5 payment.18.

MobileWallet offers a low-rate mobile phone or mobile card payment program and rewards.19.

VISA Mobile offers prepaid card payments and rewards programs.20.

BetOnline offers mobile and money services, including mobile money transfers and mobile phone money transfers.21.

Vue Mobile offers deals on mobile and online betting.22.

MoneySavers offers a credit and mobile money transfer service.23.

WorldFirst offers a cash-back mobile card with a $30 cash-on-delivery bonus and a MobileMobileMoneyRewards card.24.

BetLife offers mobile money and mobile banking services.25.

BestMobile offers prepaid mobile cards, mobile cards with a balance, mobile credit cards, and cash-out programs.26.

CashUp offers rewards on mobile, mobile money, mobile phone, mobile wallets, and online mobile gambling.27.

BetVue offers mobile rewards programs for making mobile phone deposits, making mobile deposits, mobile mobile credit card deposits, and making mobile mobile money deposits.28.

BetEgg offers mobile phones and mobile and mobile-money cards, including cash-outs.29.

BetStars offers mobile credit and card payments, mobile rewards, and card offers, as well as mobile cash-in-transit programs.30.

BetMogul offers mobile mobile rewards and mobile cash cards.31.

BetZopa offers mobile-mobile money and cash cards, rewards, mobile debit cards, cash-ins, and money transfers, and tips.32.

BetBucks offers mobile offers and mobile rewards.33.

BetCash offers a MobileMoneyRewings card that provides mobile money bonuses, cash out rewards, cash back, and even a mobile bonus.34.

BetSpot offers mobile cash rewards, as does BetZap.35.

BetMaster offers mobile prepaid card payment options.36.

BetWiz offers mobile loyalty and mobile cards.37.

BetKings offers mobile wallets and mobile apps.38.

BetStar offers mobile, cash, and smartphone payment programs.39.

BetMobile offers credit card rewards.40.

BetLotto offers mobile wallet, mobile card, and prepaid mobile rewards apps.41.

BetDuck offers mobile smartphone rewards.42