Apple has been selling smartphones with the Flock mobile app as a free trial option for more than a year, but some iPhone users have complained the apps are difficult to use, and there are some minor glitches.

The company is working on fixing the bugs, but it hasn’t released an update yet for the new iPhone models.

But users on Twitter have already started complaining about the problems.

Flock is a new mobile phone app for iPhone that has been out for more then a year.

It lets users take photos and videos with the app and share them with friends.

Users can also share photos and video from Flock’s app to Facebook or Twitter.

A Flock phone is $25.

Flocks new feature lets you take a photo with your iPhone or iPad and send it to a friend, but if you share the image to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media app, you’ll have to pay a $25 charge.

You’ll also have to install the Flocks app on your device and add it to your iPhone’s Photo Library.

Flots new feature is only available to users with an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s limited to a few cities in the United States.

It doesn’t allow users to take photos or video from other apps.

Some users have started complaining that the app has a few problems, including the fact that some of the photos and photos are blurry.

Twitter users have also complained about the app.

One user, @matt_david, tweeted that he’s been getting an error message when trying to send a photo from Flocks iOS app to a Facebook app.

“I’m getting this error saying the app does not have permission to share photos.

I am having trouble uploading photos from Flocked app to FB app.”

Other users have said that they have found the app to be a bit buggy.

Flocked iPhone app does have bugs but it has fixed most of them.

Users have been complaining about a couple of other issues.

The app doesn’t display properly when the phone is locked, and users are reporting that they get an error when they try to upload a photo.

Another problem with Flock was that some users found the camera app was buggy, which some said could cause problems with some photos.

Some people have been using Flocks mobile app to take selfies and to record videos.

Twitter user @grizz_biggins posted that he was using Flock to take a selfie and was able to capture the photo with the iPhone.

“It worked just great,” he said.

“The only problem was when I was taking the photo the iPhone stopped working and I couldn’t capture the picture.

I tried turning it off again and it didn’t work.”

Twitter user (@jimmydannick) said Flock also had a glitch when it was supposed to let users upload photos.

He posted the following screenshot showing a bug where Flocks camera app stopped working after uploading a photo to Flocks Flickr page.

The screenshot was taken from his iPhone when Flock asked him to upload it.

Twitter User @jimmusn posted a screenshot of his Flock photo that he posted to Flickr.

Twitter has said that Flock has had “a few bugs” and has “fixed them.”

It’s unclear how many iPhone users are using Flocked, but users have been reporting issues with the photo uploading app on Twitter.

It’s possible that a few iPhone users may be using the Flocking photo sharing app to upload photos and upload videos, but that’s not the only issue with Flocks Instagram app, Twitter users said.

Twitter’s app is not available for download yet, but Twitter user Jim Musn posted screenshots of the Instagram app showing a glitch where users could upload photos to Instagram.

“You can upload photos from Instagram with Flocked mobile app.

But there’s a bug when you try to do so.

If you try it with Flocker, it will just show you a ‘Sorry, Error.

Your photos are not available to view.’

You’ll need to download the Flocker app,” he tweeted.

Twitter also released a new Flock app for Android on Monday.

Users on Twitter reported that the Flocked Android app was “not very responsive.”

It also said that users are “not able to see any pictures you’ve uploaded in Flock,” according to Twitter user #JKFlynn.

Twitter said in a blog post that it has addressed the issue with the Instagram mobile app, adding that users can upload their photos to their account directly on the Flog app and that users will not need to update to the new app.

Twitter is also working on a fix for the Instagram photo sharing problem.

Twitter noted that users who have a problem uploading photos or videos can submit a ticket to [email protected]

Twitter was also working to fix some of Instagram’s other photo sharing issues, including a bug that allowed users to upload their own images, according to a