Apple has introduced a new iPhone 4 phone that uses a special battery for wireless data use.

The company has made the new device, called the Apple Remote, available to the public.

The iPhone 4s was previously sold in the US only.

The new iPhone has a specially designed battery that has a higher energy density than the standard batteries used in most smartphones.

The battery can be used for data on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

This will help it to survive longer than regular phones.

Apple said the iPhone Remote was developed in partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium and is the first iPhone 4 with a wireless data jammer.

It is the third such jammer in the iPhone family, and comes just weeks after Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Apple’s new jammer is a battery that’s made of aluminum.

The device can be charged via a USB port on the phone and can be connected to the internet.

Apple also announced that the company will begin making an “airpack” that will help to reduce the weight of the iPhone and iPhone 5.

The new iPhone will be powered by a battery pack that has four times more capacity than the iPhone 5s.

The new device will come in a range of colours and will start at $999.