Nokia has launched a new GMA 5G wireless phone, the GSM-enabled Nokia GX50G.

The Nokia GXXG, which debuted last year, has the same specifications as the GX25G.

Nokia also has announced the Nokia Lumia 920, the company’s first phone with a full HD display, 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

In addition to the new GXX and GXXM, the new Nokia phones include a new Nokia Lumia 900, a Nokia Lumia 1020, the Nokia 6100, and the Nokia 520.

There’s no word on price, availability, or availability with a software update.

But the new phones are priced at $149.99 for the Nokia G35 and $169.99 each for the GXX.

Nokia says the G25G and G25M will launch in mid-November.

Nokia’s announcement came as the company reported fourth-quarter earnings.

Nokia said it shipped 9.3 million phones last quarter, a decline of nearly 1 million phones compared with the previous quarter.

It’s unclear whether the Nokia 5G will be the same number of phones in the U.S. market.

Nokia has had trouble keeping up with the demand for its latest smartphones, and in October the company announced that it was discontinuing the Lumia 520.

Nokia still plans to launch the Lumia 535, the Lumia 1520, and a few other phones in November.