The iPhone 6s Plus is more affordable than the Samsung device, but it is not quite as versatile as the Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a larger screen, more RAM and more storage than the iPhone 6, but its design does not quite match up to the iPhone.

Which phone will you buy?

The Samsung Galaxy 6S Plus, which will be released on December 17, is currently available for pre-order for $549, with the option to upgrade for $699.

The Samsung Galaxy X6s Plus, priced at $699, is now available for $899.

The HTC U11 is currently out of stock on Amazon and is also available for an extra $299.

The iPhone 6 is currently sold out for preorders.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge Plus will be available for purchase on December 23, priced as a $699 device.

The Samsung Note 4, currently out for purchase, is also now available.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is priced at a whopping $799, while the iPhone 5s is priced as $699 on Amazon.

Samsung is currently selling the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy A1 and Galaxy S3 for $199, $249, $299 and $399.

The Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note 7 for $299, $349, $499 and $699 are also available.

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