A Canadian man has died of pneumonia at home, four years after his first mobile, a device that was once a lifeline for the people he used to call friends and family.

Alberto Bautista, a retired university professor and former member of the Calgary community, died on Wednesday, the Calgary Herald reported.

Bautista was the first person to be able to call his daughter from the mobile phone of a loved one.

He used it to send her emails, make calls and access social media.

Bauchist, a Calgary resident who is also a father, said the last time he called from the device was on June 30, 2016, after Bautist’s daughter had left a birthday party for her friend in Toronto.

Buckets of sugar were in the fridge as he went into the bathroom.

He said the phone vibrated as he was trying to open it.

“The phone vibrates, so I had to open the door to get the phone out, because it was vibrating,” he said.

“I didn’t want it to be there.”

The device is now in a box in the garage and the family is considering selling it.

The Herald reported that Bautister was the only person in Calgary to have the device at the time he died.

Bautistas wife and his two children are also dead.