China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and bitcoin has been the main cryptocurrency since its launch in 2009.

Now, however, the bitcoin price is showing signs of a slowing down.

Bitcoin, which uses cryptography to verify transactions and track how much money people have received, is one popular way to send money.

This is one reason that it has been so successful: It allows people to keep their transactions private, but the public can see them.

This was one of several reasons that it was so popular in China in recent years, and now it’s becoming a trend among other countries too.

The Chinese government is cracking down on money laundering, and in 2016 it banned the use of bitcoin as a payment method.

In addition to the crackdown on bitcoin, Chinese authorities have also been cracking down hard on cryptocurrency exchanges.

But this week, Bitcoin hit a record high of $30.07, which is more than three times its value just a year ago.

On Monday, the Chinese People’s Bank announced that all bitcoin exchanges would have to report to authorities within three days, and all cryptocurrency trading platforms will have to shut down within 48 hours.

Bitcoin has since dropped back down to $26.25, and it will continue to be difficult to trade in China.

The yuan has also hit a new low of 6.29.

“I think the price of bitcoin is going to stay down for a long time,” said Chris Burnham, chief executive of global investment bank BlackRock.

“It is going down because there is so much fear of what the Chinese authorities are doing to the economy, and because people are scared that they are going to lose their jobs.

They are worried about what happens to the Chinese currency, which they are using to buy things.

People are so scared of losing their jobs that they would rather gamble their savings in bitcoin.”

A number of businesses and individuals are now trying to sell bitcoin in the United States and Europe.

For example, in September, Chinese-based bitcoin exchange Huobi shut down after Chinese authorities banned trading in the virtual currency.

The government in China is also cracking down.

Earlier this month, the People’s Daily reported that police had arrested at least three bitcoin traders in the capital Beijing.

On Monday, Chinese state media said the men were “investing in illegal transactions.”

The authorities also confiscated hundreds of bitcoin in Shanghai.

In the meantime, people are trying to keep up with the bitcoin boom by exchanging bitcoin for other currencies, including U.S. dollars and euros.

One person who was buying bitcoin for $30 last month in the Chinese city of Shenzhen has gone back to using a U.K. dollar for the purchase.

The other person in Shenzhen, meanwhile, is still holding on to his bitcoins.

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