In an unprecedented move, Microsoft and Alphabet have agreed to sell the world’s largest smartphone jammer to Google.

Google’s mobile phone jack, the Nexus 7, will go to Lenovo.

The agreement, which was first reported by Bloomberg, gives Lenovo a significant stake in the device.

The deal will give Lenovo access to Google’s Android operating system and the Chrome browser.

Lenovo, a maker of laptops and tablets, is known for its products, including the XPS 13 and Yoga laptops.

Lenovo is known to be a strong Android device manufacturer.

The deal was made possible by a $2.7 billion deal struck in January by Lenovo with Microsoft.

It also came after Google announced a $7 billion acquisition of Nokia’s mobile handset business in October.

This agreement gives Lenovo control over the smartphone market in a way that Google did not, said Google’s executive vice president and general manager for Android, Chris Ballard.

Lenovo’s stake in Google will be the largest ownership stake in a single company.

In October, Lenovo’s smartphone sales rose to $4.6 billion, the highest in more than two years.

That is more than the $3.7 trillion Lenovo was worth when it was founded in 1999.

Google said in a statement that it is “very pleased” to have Lenovo’s help in developing its new mobile phone software.

“Lenovo is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Android phones and Chromebooks and is a key partner for Google, enabling us to expand our Android offering and make the world more open and connected,” Google said.

“We are also proud to have the leadership of Lenovo on board as part of this process.”

Lenovo said in an email that it will work closely with Google to support Android.

Google has said that it has made major investments in its Android software.

The partnership with Lenovo is part of that.

In February, Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

It had been rumored for months that Lenovo was interested in acquiring Motorola.

The acquisition of Motorola Mobility gives Lenovo access both to the Motorola chipmaker and to the popular Android operating systems.

That will be a big boost for Google in its quest to make the Android operating software more open.

Google is not the only company interested in buying Android.

Samsung is buying a chipmaker called Solyndra, and Amazon has bought the hardware manufacturer Aruba, which makes its own solar panels.

Microsoft is not expected to buy Apple’s smartphone business.

Apple is looking to sell its smartphone business to a Chinese company.

Microsoft said in January that it was “committed to providing our customers with the best possible operating system.”

In the deal, Lenovo will get a smaller stake in Android and Google’s browser.

Microsoft’s agreement is expected to be announced later this month.

The new ownership stake for Lenovo is expected for later this year.

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