With Australia’s economy still reeling from the economic meltdown and looming budget problems, it’s easy to forget the true cost of living in a country like Australia.

While many Australians spend more on their mobile phones than on the average Australian household, it doesn’t appear the average mobile phone user pays much more than the average consumer.

So what’s the real price of mobile phone use?

This infographic provides an overview of the average costs of mobile phones and other mobile devices, as well as the typical mobile phone subsidy.

The infographic is based on data from the OECD and Australian Bureau of Statistics, and provides an estimate of the median household income.

It includes data for all phones and all types of mobile devices and uses data for 2016.

The average monthly income for Australians is $2,917, compared to $2.2 million in the US.

Data from the Australian Bureau for Statistics shows a median income of $2 at the end of 2016, and a median monthly subsidy of $5.16 for mobile phones.

In Australia, the median annual household income is $49,818.

Data provided by the Australian Government for the last five years showed a median annual income of about $37,400.

Data for 2017 show a median household salary of $47,845, a median family income of less than $55,000, and the median salary for people aged between 15 and 24 is $47.50 per hour.

The median salary is the average of all salaries in the Australian Capital Territory.

Data is provided by Statistics Australia.

Source: Australian Bureau, Australian Government.

This article first appeared on ABC News.au.