That’s what the hype is for!

But in reality, the reality is that the hype doesn’t really exist.

There are no new phones being invented.

There’s just a lot of hype.

There is no iPhone 5C that is just going to magically disappear from the market.

There was just the rumor that Apple had just launched the new iPhone 5S.

And that’s just the first rumor.

There will be more rumors, more leaks, more rumors.

There isn’t a new smartphone that is going to be announced that will make people think it’s a major breakthrough.

There may be an iPhone 5 that doesn’t even have a camera.

There might be an iPad mini that has a camera but no screen.

And all of these things, you’ll see, they will all come out as rumors.

They won’t actually come to market.

But when they do, they’ll be the biggest, most exciting new iPhone that anyone has ever seen.

And they will be the largest, most intriguing new mobile phones that people have ever seen in their lives.

So I think the hype around the new iPhones is probably justified.

But it’s also really a good thing for the future of the iPhone.

It’s a great time to be a hipster.

The next iPhone is going be the iPhone 5.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and buy one!