Imc’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, comes with a new built-in silencer which can make your phone less noisy.

The device uses a new design, designed to make the phone less likely to be picked up and thrown away, which will come as a surprise to many.

The Samsung Galaxy 5 was the first device to use a built-on silencer in the smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 users, meanwhile, had a similar option built into their phones.

The company added the option to their phones when it announced its Galaxy S3 in 2013.

The Galaxy S8 has also been the first Samsung phone to have the option built-into the phone.

It is currently on sale in China and South Korea.

Samsung said it had “always maintained the highest standards for the performance of our products”, adding that the new technology “will improve our user experience”.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 also came with a built in silencer.

Samsung also added an option to its Galaxy phones to turn on and off the volume control automatically when the phone is in sleep mode.

The device also comes with an LED indicator which turns off when the device is sleeping.

It’s not clear what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy 5, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect for the device’s owners.