AARP has made some changes to its mobile phone plan, including changing the way it charges your phone for data.

The organization says that in the past, it charged $20 for a month of data, and now it’s $5 per month.

That’s an improvement over its previous model that charged $15 per month for data, but it also comes at the expense of a lower monthly fee.AARP said that the changes to the monthly plan are intended to bring the total price of the plan down.

But the group is still paying $15 to $30 more than the old model.AARP is not alone in charging more to use data.

Consumers are also getting more expensive data plans, as well as more and more apps that offer data and data-only apps.

The latest data data app to go live on the Apple App Store and Google Play is called Ionic.AAPL says that its mobile data plan is “a little cheaper than what you’d see on AT&T and Verizon” but still “very pricey.”