It’s been a little over a month since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to an overheating problem and many consumers are still holding out hope for a fix.

While the Samsung Note 7 is a huge inconvenience, we’ve seen a few people who have used Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones take advantage of the company’s offer of a new Samsung phone called the S8+ with an 8-inch screen and a fingerprint scanner.

But there’s one catch: the phone is only available in China and not in the United States.

That means if you want to purchase a new Note 7 or S8, you’ll need to buy the device from a major carrier in the U.S.

That means the S7 and S7 Edge will be on sale in the US, while the S9 will be available only in China.

So how can you get the new Note 8 if you can’t find the S6 Edge in the States?

According to reports, the new Samsung Galaxy S9+ will launch on April 25 in the USA, and in the coming weeks, the Note 9 will launch in the UK.

The S9 Plus is expected to launch later in the year.

Samsung has yet to officially announce its flagship smartphones, but the company is already preparing to launch its new flagship phone with an OLED display and a metal body.

So if you don’t see any of those phones on the market, it’s worth taking a look at the other Galaxy smartphones that are still on the shelves.

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